Becca Refford

All the AWS CodeBuild You Can Stomach in 45 Minutes

In this 45 minute talk I’ll give a quick overview of AWS CodeBuild, then dive into a few of the challenges I’ve faced, from dealing with build errors properly, configuring CodeBuild to run inside of AWS, testing locally so you don’t go crazy waiting for 15 minutes each time you deploy a new build, running tools like Cypress, to building and deploying Docker containers to ECS, and more.

15 Minutes With: Sue Springsteen, President of H2O Connected

Today, Tracey Welson-Rossman and Sue Spolan chat with Susan Springsteen, the President of H2O Connected, LLC. H2O Connected is an IoT solution that gives property managers immediate insights into their toilet systems to detect leaks, monitor activity, prioritize repairs, get flooding alerts, and more.

TechChat Tuesdays #9: All AWS with Keith Gregory & Matt Gilbride

This week Ken will talks to prior guests and frequent Chariot contributors Matt Gilbride and Keith Gregory about using the AWS CDK for configuration (as opposed to CloudFormation), and RDS database connections from Spring Boot in AWS, respectively.

15 Minutes With: Drew Rogers on DevOps

In this episode, our host Keith Gregory talks to Drew Rogers, a consultant here at Chariot. Drew specializes in DevOps, and recently worked with a client that needed to be untethered from any particular cloud platform — like AWS, or Google. So he implemented a solution that involved a Kubernetes cluster running on Azure. 

ProductTank: Super Meetup 2020

ProductTank Philly is once again joining forces with & other local meetups for one great big virtual get together. The plan is to keep it to a tight 90 minutes starting with a few lightning tech talks and then a fun trivia contest — with prizes! Come and help us represent ProductTank Philly and compete against others in trivia that will range from computer history and internet culture to local tech community facts and more.