TechCast #113 – Talk Tech To Me: Eric Snyder


Episode 1: Eric Snyder, Chariot Solutions

Talk Tech to Me is a series that explores the inside track of cutting-edge tech.

Our first guest is Eric Snyder. He’s a software architect at Chariot Solutions. He and his team were hired by a global media and technology company that’s based in Philadelphia. They serve tens of millions of customers. To create a personalized experience, the telecom giant processes billions of streams of real-time data, twenty-four hours a day. It’s almost unimaginable.

Recommendation engines, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are all powered by algorithms. A lot of it is now happening in the cloud, and that’s where Eric and Chariot Solutions enter the picture.

They were hired by the media company to help move and process all that data. They’re migrating it to the Amazon Web Services cloud. The data went from relatively inflexible servers to an elastic environment that scales up or down as needed. In this episode, we head behind the scenes with Eric to unpack the technology that’s invisible to consumers. He’ll tell us why this decision makes really good business sense.

To learn more about Chariot’s work on the cloud, check out our AWS page, or consider starting your project with us.

Host: Sue Spolan
Producer: Becca Refford