TechCast #107 – Meet a Charioteer: Brandt Gigle

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This is the Chariot Solutions TechCast #107, with our new sub-series, Meet a Charioteer. In this series, we round up some of our consultants to talk passion projects, opinions, interesting challenges, and anything and everything in between – tech related, or not.

Today our host Ken Rimple talks to Brandt Gigle. Brandt is fairly new to the Chariot team, having joined in March of 2018. Professionally, Brandt is a mobile developer, working with Android and IoT development. He and Ken talk about developing for Android, but also about the tandy machine that got Brandt into programming, 3D printing, gaming, Linux, and more.

Show Notes

  • The tandy machine that started Brandt’s love for programming (though not necessarily for Basic!)
  • Kotlin, how it’s become the first-tier language for Google, Android Studio, and how seamless they’ve made developing for Android.
  • Google and Apple screen notches on phone screens
  • Brandt’s advice for folks who are new to Android development.
  • Outside of the office: 3D printing! Starting with drones, moving to sculpture, and the dichotomy Brandt sees in the 3D printing community.
  • Open-source software, and which distros he uses professionally (Linux Mint) and at home.
  • Fighting the open-source fight with gaming: gaming on Linux.
  • And a surprise lightning round of questions!