TechCast #112 – ETE 2019 Keynote Speaker Brian Goetz


In this episode, TechCast host Ken Rimple and Chariot consultant Will Vuong are in conversation with Brian Goetz.

Brian heads up the Java language team at Oracle, and is one of our two keynotes for the year at Philly ETE 2019.  Ken and Will ask Brian about where the language is headed in version 13, and find out more about how the Open JDK project is organized. They discuss the current JDK development process, how Oracle developers work on the OpenJDK to move language features forward, the “Propose to Target” stage and the JEP release candidate steps in accepting a new feature. They also cover upcoming features like Project Amber, Project Valhalla, and Project Loom.

If you missed Brian’s talks at ETE (or just want to re-watch them), you can find a video recording here:

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