TechCast #115 – Talk Tech To Me: Steve Smith on Legrand

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Talk Tech to Me is a series that explores the inside track of cutting-edge tech.

The smart home industry is growing quickly. Right now, 1/3 of homes in the US have devices to help control lighting, security, climate, entertainment, and even your garage door. By 2024, over half of American homes will be connected.

On today’s podcast, we’ll talk about a really interesting smart home project. Steve Smith joins us – he leads Chariot’s mobile project team. Legrand North American manufactures electronic switches and outlets. Their smart home products used to run on radio frequency, controlled through a home automation hub. They wanted to switch to wifi controlled by a mobile app.

But then something happened – something pretty challenging. The company that supplied Legrand with cloud services announced it wasn’t going to do that anymore.

Chariot helped Legrand migrate its smart home product line to a new internal cloud. We’ll hear all about how it went down, and we’ll also find out what the popcorning effect is and how to prevent it.

To learn more about Chariot’s work on the cloud, check out our AWS page, or consider starting your project with us.

Host: Sue Spolan
Producer: Becca Refford