TechCast #116 – Talk Tech To Me: Keith Gregory on AWS

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Talk Tech to Me is a series that explores the inside track of cutting-edge tech.

Cloud computing is now a standard part of digital workflows. If you watch Netflix, or visit LinkedIn, you’re using Amazon’s AWS. So it’s quite likely a good choice for your business. But here’s the thing – cloud computing has hidden challenges. It really does take an expert to guide you through the cloud journey. That’s why we have Keith Gregory here – he’s the AWS Practice Lead at Chariot Solutions. He has a dozen years of experience working with AWS services. 

Coming up in this conversation, Keith reveals what he’s learned to keep all those cloud functions running smoothly. 

Cloud computing is revolutionary, but it’s not exactly user-friendly. There are a lot of AWS services to choose from, and you need to know which ones are right – otherwise you might rack up a major bill. Another thing you need to know is that cloud services are not ‘set it and forget it.’ More in the show. Thanks again to Keith for interviewing with us.

Host: Sue Spolan
Producer: Becca Refford

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