TechCast #98 – Adriaan Moors on Scala


On today’s TechCast, Sujan Kapadia talks to Adriaan Moors. Previously a language research student, he is currently the Scala Tech Lead at Lightbend, and self-proclaimed “compiler whisperer.” His talk, Scala 2.12 and Java 8: More Fun Together!, was extremely well-received at Philly ETE. In it, Adriaan talks about the interoperability between Scala’s newest release and Java 8. Sujan and Adriaan discuss this and more during their conversation.

You can learn more about Philly ETE, the developer-friendly, Chariot-sponsored conference here.

We Talk to Adriaan About:

  • Adriaan’s goals moving forward with Scala 2.12, and which features he’s most excited about.
  • The steps the team is taking to tackle bit rot from a people-perspective, and Adriaan’s academic paper about it: Fighting Bit Rot with Types.
  • Scala’s presentation problem. Why it has a reputation as a math-heavy language, and what Adriaan thinks about this image.
  • The future of the dotty project – the question Adriaan gets all the time.

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