TechChat Tuesdays #61: Yehuda Katz & Russ Danner

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Today we welcome two speakers from our upcoming Philly Emerging Tech conference: Yehuda Katz and Russ Danner! Yehuda Katz is the founder of creator of the Starbeam.js and EmberJS framework, among many others. He is also a Philly ETE veteran, having spoken at many of our conferences in the past. Russ Danner is the VP of Product at CrafterCMS, an enterprise-grade headless CMS. He’ll be speaking about how to build and deploy omni-channel solutions, and how to deal with the “tyranny of more.”

Host Notes

  • Philly Emerging Tech is back for 2023! We’re back in-person, with a livestream ticket option as well. In-person seating is limited, so take advantage of our early bird pricing now. Check out the website for lineup, tickets, and more details.
  • We’ve always got great content on the Chariot blog, written by our developers: it’s got over 20 years of tech reviews, tutorials, and more. In fact, here’s the latest from our Director of Training & Mentoring, Ken Rimple: Enabling RDS Migrations with Flyway in CodeBuild.

Show Notes: Yehuda Katz

  • Yehuda’s upcoming talk at Philly ETE 2023 — Starbeam: Universal Reactivity and What It Means For You
  • Learn more about Starbeam.js, “a new kind of reactive library that makes reactive programming simple and fun, and works with your existing JavaScript framework”
  • More about Ember.js, a JavaScript framework for building modern web applications that Yehuda co-created
  • The Extensible Web Manifesto, a manifesto that advocates a change to the approach that web standards committees use to create and prioritize new features. Yehuda co-signed this along with others
  • Some of Yehuda’s talks from past Philly Emerging Tech conferences:
    2017 – Ember and the state of Web Frameworks
    2016 – Stability Without Stagnation: Lessons Learned Shipping Ember.js
    2015 – What is Rust?

Show Notes: Russ Danner



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