Jamie Allen – ETE 2015 – The Mutability Matrix of Pain: An Accessible Exploration of the JVM Heap

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Rich Hickey has previously discussed value, identity and state – but outside the context of the specifics of how we write code on the JVM. But how do these concepts correlate to the programming constructs we use to write code in Java and Scala, and how do we minimize or mitigate the impact of concurrency with them?

This talk will be an accessible exploration of the JVM Heap, thread stacks and concurrency primitives on the JVM and how to compose multi-threaded code in Java and Scala.

About Jamie:

Jamie is the Senior Director of Global Services for Typesafe, responsible for the enablement of customers around the world through consulting and training.

He is the author of Effective Akka book from O’Reilly, and the co-author of the upcoming Reactive Design Patterns book from Manning. Jamie is a computer languages enthusiast who enjoys writing performant code that most efficiently leverages the resources at hand.