Philly ETE 2015 – Don Coleman – Creating Bluetooth Low Energy Apps

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Bluetooth Smart, or Bluetooth Low Energy devices are everywhere. We’ll look at how to discover, connect to, and control these devices with software. You’ll learn how Bluetooth LE works and understand profiles, services, and characteristics. I’ll demonstrate writing Android and iOS Bluetooth apps using Apache Cordova.

About Don:

Don is a software developer who enjoys hacking with Phones, Arduino and other hardware. As the Director of Consulting for Chariot Solutions he works with teams and clients to reinvent their existing technology and lay the groundwork for the future. Don has embraced PhoneGap since it’s inception and has and has spoken across the country about the benefits and advantages of using Apache Cordova. Don is the co-author of Beginning NFC and is currently working on a book about Bluetooth Low Energy for Maker Media.