Philly ETE 2015 – Mike Hartington – Introduction to Ionic – a Cordova and AngularJS-based mobile Web App framework

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Mobile app development is a growing field with plenty of promise. It used to be that hybrid mobile apps weren’t ready for prime time — they were slow and unattractive. Then, along came AngularJS, which changed the way developers built apps for the web.

Ionic, built on top of AngularJS, has dramatically changed the way developers build mobile apps. It’s open source, easy to use, beautiful, and ready to perform. In this talk, learn more about Ionic and its components, build a sample app, and explore the suite of tools and services Ionic provides for hybrid mobile app development.

About Mike:

Mike is a developer advocate for Ionic who has been involved with the product since the early alpha. Mike manages the Ionic Forum, serves as a resource to developers, and writes technical documentation. When he’s not working, you can find him relaxing with a beer and a guitar.