The Fundamentals of JVM Tuning


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From the abstract: “When you are faced with the challenge of tuning JVM, you can find a wide variety information. Yet, almost always the information is rather specific in the type of tuning, or specific to a type of problem. Seldom can you find information that tells abstracts the details into a higher level and simplifies it into a set of fundamentals and principles. This is what you can expect to hear and learn in this session.

The first important thing to do is to understand your application requirements when it comes to the performance metrics of throughput, latency and footprint. From there you can formulate a strategy including choosing an appropriate GC. From there it’s a matter of understanding some fundamentals about what impacts GC behavior and what you can do about it. In addition, you will also learn what a Java developer should understand when it comes to JIT compilation and what he or she can do about it.”