ETE 2012 Ballroom C streaming sessions available NOW!! Provided by the Wharton School

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The Wharton school’s media team recently published their Ballroom C and Keynote Recordings. The player defaults to Silverlight but will fall back to HTML 5 (meaning it will work on your iPhone or iPad).

These videos were recorded by Tim Allen and his team from the Wharton School. (“@flipperPA”:!/flipperpa), thanks Tim!!


  • “Show opener, the mayor visits and shares some remarks”:


  • Chad Fowler’s “Self Engineering Keynote”:
  • Alex Payne’s talk on emerging languages, “A tour of the Horizon”:

Conference Sessions

  • James Shore – “Kanban, Lean and Large-Scale Agile”:
  • Bill Pugh – “Effective use of FindBugs in Large Software Development Efforts”:
  • Chad Fowler – “This is not a Rails shop”:
  • Aaron Patterson – “Code Charcuterie – Curing Rails”:
  • Jim Weirich – “Connascense Examined”:
  • Douglas Crockford – “Principles of Security”:
  • Yehuda Katz – “Ember.js – Attacking Boilerplate Where it Lives”:
  • Scott Chacon – “How GitHub Works”:
  • Douglas Crockford – “Javascript, Programming Style, and your Brain”:


    “Philly ETE Project of the Year Panel and Awards Ceremony”: