Philly ETE 2014 #12 – Marathon: An init.d for Your Whole Data Center – Tobi Knaup

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Marathon is a framework built on Apache Mesos that provides a fault-tolerant and elastic scale-out architecture for any long-lived application like Ruby on Rails/node.js-based web applications or traditional J2EE servers like Tomcat. Marathon can run applications without modification, and supports running Docker containers as well. It provides a simple REST API for controlling the app lifecycle and allows scripting of custom deploy and release policies. Marathon automatically responds to failures and makes sure your apps keep running forever. It’s the init.d for your data center.

In this talk, we’ll cover how Marathon solves these common devops concerns:

Deploying many apps on large clusters; Service discovery; Scaling apps with demand; Providing developers with a self-serve interface for launching apps; Automatically handling software, machine, and rack failures; Reducing infrastructure complexity…