Philly ETE 2015 #36 – Allen Wirfs-Brock – ECMAScript 6: A Better JavaScript for the Ambient Computing Era

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Slides from Allen’s talk are available here.


We’ve entered the Ambient Computing Era and JavaScript is its dominant programing language, But a new computing era needs a new and better JavaScript. It’s called ECMAScript 6 and it’s about to become the new JavaScript standard. Why do we need it? Why did it take so long? What’s in it? When can you use it? What comes next? Answers will be given.

About Allen:

Allen Wirfs-Brock is a Mozilla Research Fellow and the technical editor of ECMA-262, the international standard that defines the JavaScript programming language. He is an expert in dynamic, object-oriented programming languages and their implementation but is also an entrepreneur who founded two successful companies. When he’s not working on the evolution of JavaScript, he is thinking and writing about the technical and societal implications of the rapidly emerging Ambient Computing Era.