Philly ETE 2016 #2 – Dmitri Sotnikov – Transforming Enterprise Development with Clojure

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Modern software architecture emphasizes modularity and composability. While the industry at large is rapidly moving toward approaches such as microservices, the monolith is still alive and well in the enterprise.

Monolithic projects will often have tight coupling between components, resulting in codebases that are large and unwieldy. This directly impacts productivity, and translates into costs for the organization.

In this session we will explore the aspects of Clojure that encourage writing code that is loosely coupled and reusable. We will discuss the benefits of the Clojure approach, and we will see how it applies in practice with a live demo.

About Dmitri:

Dmitri is the creator of the Luminus framework and the author of Web Development with Clojure.
He works at the University Health Network where he develops applications to help improve patient care.

Dmitri is an active member of the Clojure web development community and has authored a number of open source projects.
He blogs at, and can also be found on twitter as @yogthos.