Philly ETE 2021 — ClojureScript in the Age of TypeScript — David Nolen

Abstract At, ClojureScript accelerates and radically simplifies the development of a new kind of digital key for one the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. With one language, we can wrangle iOS, Android, and copious amounts of custom native code, all without ever losing the ability to “jack-in” via a REPL to inject some … Read More

TechCast #106 – Meet a Charioteer: Anatoly Polinsky

This is the Chariot Solutions TechCast #106, with our new sub-series, Meet a Charioteer. In this series, we round up some of our consultants to talk passion projects, opinions, interesting challenges, and anything and everything in between – tech related, or not. 

Today our host Ken Rimple talks to Anatoly Polinsky. Anatoly has been consulting … Read More

Clojure Bits in JVM Universe (Anatoly Polinsky, USA)

Out of many strong JVM based languages Clojure and Java make a great couple. Coming to Clojure from Spring several years ago Anatoly Polinsky really wished, back then, someone could explain functional programming and Clojure ecosystem to me from the Spring/Java point of view. In this talk Anatoly Polinsky of Chariot Solutions will bridge the … Read More

Philly ETE 2016 #16 – Alex Miller – Unleash Your Data with Clojure: Using Transducers and Sequences

In this talk we’ll examine Clojure’s approach to data and data transformation, which is built from a foundation of immutable values and persistent collections. Clojure offers several models for transformation of collections – sequences, reducers, and transducers. We’ll compare these to each other and to the status quo to see how the functional approach results in less code, fewer bugs, and greater reuse.

TechCast #96 – Philly ETE Happy Hour Chat

In this episode of the TechCast, Ken Rimple and Sujan Kapadia talk to five speakers of Philly ETE – Mike Hartington of Drifty, Jeff Labonski of Chariot Solutions, Martin Snyder of Wingspan, Alex Miller, co-author of Clojure Applied and organizer of The Strange Loop conference, and Andrea Falcone of Twitter.

Philly ETE 2016 – Dmitri Sotnikov – Transforming Enterprise Development with Clojure

Monolithic projects will often have tight coupling between components, resulting in codebases that are large and unwieldy. This directly impacts productivity, and translates into costs for the organization. In this session we will explore the aspects of Clojure that encourage writing code that is loosely coupled and reusable. We will discuss the benefits of the Clojure approach, and we will see how it applies in practice with a live demo.