Philly ETE 2016 #31 – Ari Lerner – Taming the Wild, Wild West of Next-Gen Front-End Apps

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With the recent release of Angular 2 and React.js capturing growing interest, there are now SO many options to build a front-end to our web applications. Along with the increasing number of developers and the explosive popularity of JavaScript, what was the wild wild west of app development is maturing with it’s own best practices and idioms of software. In this talk we’re casting a wide-net on the range of possibilities for building next-gen front-end apps by looking at the options we have for both building and deploying applications on the edge. Join us as we build and deploy an app in real-time using both Angular 2 and React.js.

About Ari:

Ari Lerner hails from San Francisco and professionally plays around with tech stuff. As an author and teacher, he cofounded where he has written several books, including ng-book 1 & 2, ng-newsletter. On a technical side he spends his time on on various (main & side) projects in Python, Angular, Lua, Clojure, and Objective-C. After spending a lot of time on the road as a professional comedian, he’s come to terms with the fact he’s not that funny, but he’ll try.