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Overheard: Angular 2 vs. the Portal

On a recent project, we worked on building microservices to support a Portal application. That’s right — Portlets running in IBM’s Portal product. Here are some of the concerns the team faced on the Portal side integrating with Angular 2.

What's New in Ionic 2

Now that Angular 2 is final, I thought I’d take another look at Ionic 2. With an Ionic 2 Release Candidate also available, hopefully everything will be a bit more stable from here on forward… (Hopefully.) In any case, here are some of the differences I’ve found in Ionic 2 compared to Ionic 1: The … Read More

Philly ETE 2016 #31 – Ari Lerner – Taming the Wild, Wild West of Next-Gen Front-End Apps

With the recent release of Angular 2 and React.js capturing growing interest, there are now SO many options to build a front-end to our web applications. Along with the increasing number of developers and the explosive popularity of JavaScript, what was the wild wild west of app development is maturing with it’s own best practices and idioms of software. In this talk we’re casting a wide-net on the range of possibilities for building next-gen front-end apps by looking at the options we have for both building and deploying applications on the edge. Join us as we build and deploy an app in real-time using both Angular 2 and React.js.

Philly ETE 2016 #18 – Mike Hartington – Ionic 2: Your First @App

Ionic has revolutionized the way web developers make the transition mobile development, but there’s always room to improve and make the lives of new app developers easier. With Ionic 2, we’ve improved upon much of what made Ionic 1 great, while also keeping things simple and reducing the fatigue that developers can feel when learning a new tool. We’ll introduce you to the basic Ionic 2 concepts and build an app live.

TechCast #101 – Ken Rimple and Will Vuong on ng-conf

Today’s podcast is the second of a two-part series about ng-conf, the 3-day Google-sponsored conference on all things related to the AngularJS JavaScript framework. It features a conversation between Ken Rimple and Will Vuong on events at the all-Angular all-the-time conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. They recorded their conversation of reflections on the show shortly after the last session, which included talk on adoption of Angular 2, the reactive APIs around state management such as ngrx store, and more.

TechCast #100 – Ken Rimple on ng-conf 2016

ng-conf is the 3-day Google-sponsored conference on all things related to the AngularJS JavaScript framework. Ken Rimple attended the show with Chariot consultant Will Voung. In this first of a two-part series, Ken runs down the major news topics from the event, including the recent release of Angular 2 Release Candidate 1, the up-and-coming Angular 2 Material Design project, NativeScript, a native application platform that runs Angular 2 code, and more.