Philly ETE 2017 #34 – Ember and the State of Web Frameworks – Yehuda Katz

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In the years since Ember was released, the state of the art in JavaScript web frameworks has changed significantly. Given all that’s changed, how has Ember managed to remain relevant, both technically and philosophically?

In this talk, Yehuda will cover the big changes on the web in the past five years, how they affected Ember, and the strategies and techniques the project uses to keep up the momentum over the long haul.

He’ll also cover Ember’s latest project: Glimmer. Glimmer allows you to use Ember’s view layer standalone, using the same battle tested internals and workflow as Ember itself.

How did we decide to ship Glimmer, and what steps did we take to make sure that Glimmer would be complementary to Ember? The answers should be broadly applicable to many kinds of long-term project.