Emily Melendez

Clojure Bits in JVM Universe (Anatoly Polinsky, USA)

Out of many strong JVM based languages Clojure and Java make a great couple. Coming to Clojure from Spring several years ago Anatoly Polinsky really wished, back then, someone could explain functional programming and Clojure ecosystem to me from the Spring/Java point of view. In this talk Anatoly Polinsky of Chariot Solutions will bridge the … Read More

IoT Fusion- Enterprise IIoT Edge Processing – Tim Spann

Tim Spann of Hortonworks discusses Apache MiniFi, Nifi, and deep learning tools and techniques with Chariot’s Ken Rimple after the IoT Fusion conference. This screencast includes some live demos of the tooling available via Apache and Hortonworks open source developers. Tim Spann can be reached via Twitter as @PaasDev or via Hortonworks.

IoT Fusion – Digital Transformation via the Promise of IoT – Danilo Diaz

Digital Transformation is something most organizations are talking about and few are implementing. The reality is that many organizations are not realizing the full potential that a digital transformation can bring, whether through new products or services, new found efficiencies, and/or new ways to engage their customers. The Digital Transformation journey starts by unlocking innovations … Read More

IoT Fusion – Disruption is Coming: Blockchain Explained and Applied to the Industrial Internet of Things – Felicite Moorman

What happens when two of technology’s hottest topics merge? Get ready for the 1-2 punch of IoT plus Blockchain. From Bitcoin to Ethereum, the world is rapidly experiencing “Disruption by Blockchain.” Stemming from an experiment (Bitcoin) resulting from the global economic recession, this disruption will continue and have a far greater impact than that from … Read More

IoT Fusion – Innovating IoT – Lisa Seacat DeLuca

IoT is being used by many industries to develop creative solutions to solve their everyday business issues. However, the secret sauce is Cognitive computing. Put the power of your IoT data to work with cognitive capabilities and analytics to uncover insights for your business. From saving Rhinos in South Africa to preventative maintenance in automobiles, … Read More

IoT Fusion Conference

How the Internet of Things is powering businesses today Early Bird Price $85 until 2/28 April 5, 2018, Philadelphia, PA BUY TICKETS Website: http://iotfusion.net/ IoT has been tested in manufacturing, healthcare, utilities and many other industries for years before smart home solutions became mainstream. Now, the speed at which IoT is changing how business gets … Read More