Philly ETE 2020 – Dan Pilone – Looking over the edge: Bridging the gaps between geospatial data, cloud computing, and local disaster response organizations

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In this talk we look at the challenges of making geospatial data accessible and rapidly consumable in disaster response scenarios. The wide variety and large volume of commercial and public data available in AWS coupled with scalable edge computing and communication devices allows for unprecedented data access, delivery and integration with in-situ data collection.

We’ll discuss user interface challenges, the “15 minute” guidance, and integrating critical data from NASA, NOAA, MAXAR, and Facebook onto field ready snowball edge devices.

About Dan Pilone

Dan Pilone is CEO & CTO of Element 84, a software development firm specializing in large scale geospatial data systems and remote sensing, and oversees the architecture, design, and development for Element 84’s commercial and government clients including NASA, USGS, Stanford University School of Medicine, and Capella Space.

He has supported NASA’s Earth Observing System for nearly 13 years; currently acting as Chief Technologist for the NASA EOSDIS Evolution and Development contract. He has supported transitioning NASA’s Petabyte scale archive to the cloud, contributed to metadata standards, led multiple working groups on data services and cloud architectures, authored studies on architecture and transition plans for cloud-native data management solutions, and helped shape software development processes for both government and commercial clients.