Philly ETE 2021 — Journey to the Centre of the JVM — Daniel Spiewak

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What do you do when your quest for power leads you to implementations which are not just platform-but processor- and even architecture-version-specific in nature? How do you even start tracking down a bug in a Scala-based implementation which is not only nondeterministic, but only manifests on certain hardware?

In this talk, we will dive into the wild and ill-understood world of CPU architecture, memory models, and JVM intrinsics (all through the lens of very high-level purely functional abstractions!) as we examine the story of the most convoluted and mind-bending bug hunt of my entire career.

About Daniel Spiewak

Daniel Spiewak is a software developer based out of Boulder, CO. Over the years, he has worked with Scala, Java, Ruby, Haskell, C/C++, SML, Clojure, and countless other languages. He currently spends most of his time maintaining the Cats Effect project and continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible at the intersection of mathematical laws and highly scalable production implementations.

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