Philly ETE 2021 — The Edges of Cutting-Edge Languages — Richard Feldman



For decades, mainstream programming languages have drawn similar boundaries around what’s a first-class part of the language and what’s a third-party addition outside the scope of the language.

For example, the language ships with a compiler that reads text files and compiles programs. The package and editor plugin ecosystems are completely separate. Compiled programs have unrestricted access to operating system primitives, unless they’re running in a browser. The list goes on!

A number of modern languages are drawing these boundaries in different places than where they’ve been drawn historically. This talk compares some of these languages and their boundaries, and introduces a new programming language that’s being developed to draw these boundaries in different places from others have before.

Come see what programming can be like when we redraw the foundational boundaries of our languages!

About Richard Feldman

Richard is a functional programmer who specializes in pushing the limits of browser-based UIs. He’s built seamless-immutable, a JavaScript immutables library that seamlessly interoperates with normal JS collections; elm-css, a CSS preprocessor where you write Elm instead of CSS; and Dreamwriter, a long-form writing Web App written in Elm which works like a desktop app in the absence of an Internet connection.

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