Philly ETE 2022 — Building from Zero: Tomo’s Engineering Journey — Audrey Troutt

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Tomo launched on June 30th, 2021, just about six months after we got the team on board and built our first prototype. In this talk I will share what we chose to invest in from the first month vs what we punted on for the future, some hard lessons learned, and what we have added on as we have grown in the past ~9 months since launch.

About Audrey Troutt

Audrey Troutt is the VP of Engineering at Tomo and is based in Philadelphia, PA where she founded the engineering organization, led the team to build Tomo’s technology platform from the ground up, and launched in 2021. Tomo is building the future for how homes are bought: bringing certainty and joy to the home buying process.

Audrey is an accomplished hands-on technology leader with over twelve years of experience. Most recently before Tomo, Audrey was a Mobile Engineering Director at Comcast where she led teams that built iOS and Android mobile apps that help connect, protect, and empower her customers across their digital and physical lives. Audrey is passionate about clean code, automation, continuous learning, and building communities.

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