Philly ETE 2022 — Leadership of Responsible AI: The Case for Inclusive Tech — Elizabeth Adams

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AI is generating new business opportunities in every industry imaginable, and it will continue to provide ground-breaking solutions to make life safer, and more efficient. While these technology advancements may solve some of the world’s most difficult problems, they also raise concerns about fairness, discrimination, digital injustice, and bias.

In this keynote, we will look at case studies where AI is presently posing problems for some communities and vulnerable populations. We’ll also discuss how everyone involved in the AI lifecycle can ensure that AI-enabled solutions are fair and equitable.

About Elizabeth M. Adams

Elizabeth M. Adams is a Forbes “15 AI Ethics Leaders Showing The World The Way Of The Future.” Elizabeth is a highly-sought-after resource for executives, small business owners, non-profits, educational institutions, and community leaders who are looking to expand their knowledge of AI Ethics and Leadership of Responsible AI™.

For over two decades, she has studied the science of business and technology influences on society while leading large-scale technology initiatives for Fortune 500 companies and various government organizations.

As a scholar-practitioner, Elizabeth has developed her expertise working with technical and non-technical leaders, creating alliances with community that translate theory into results. Elizabeth is pursuing an executive doctoral degree at Pepperdine University with a research focus on Leadership of Responsible AI™. She also serves as the Global Chief AI Culture & Ethics Officer for Women in AI.

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