Philly ETE 2022 — MQTT: A Messaging Standard for IoT — Sweety Bertilla & Robert Farnum

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Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) is a well-designed, lightweight messaging protocol that can be used for communication between mobile clients, microservices, and IoT devices.

Unlike HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and other messaging protocols, MQTT is a low bandwidth, low latency alternative for IoT device transmissions, which is far more suitable because these devices may operate within tiny bandwidth, power, and transmission footprints. MQTT uses publish/subscribe operations to exchange data between client and server – meaning an IoT device (or any other client) “subscribes” to a topic and asynchronously receives messages when data is published on that topic.

Also, unlike HTTP, this method saves a substantial amount of time previously spent on polling, which makes updates occur more quickly and smoothly. The lightweight nature of MQTT helps the end user – or customer – receive messages even when they are in low bandwidth situations, such as when traveling in areas with limited connectivity. Quality of Service (QoS) features supported by MQTT help clients opt into the level of service based on network reliability.

In this presentation, attendees will learn how and why MQTT is applicable for customer-facing mobile applications and IoT device based residential gateways.

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About Sweety Bertilla

Sweety Bertilla is a successful Principal Software Engineer/Tech lead that consistently meets or exceeds goals through insightful decisions. She specializes in driving feature accomplishments with great leadership and planning abilities, and is insightful in engineering techniques, methodologies and approaches to overcome specific challenges and hurdles.

About Robert Farnum

Robert Farnum is a professional chief software architect, software engineer, and software instructor with over 32 years experience in both large corporate and startup environments. He has in-depth knowledge of emerging and existing Internet, IoT, Enterprise and Telecommunication standards used to develop cutting edge large-scale client/server and embedded system software on a variety of operating systems, application platforms and programming languages.

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