Philly ETE 2022 — NFT: Architecture Design for Blockchain Projects — William Entriken

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In the beginning there was client-mainframe. And in the modern web era, there is client-server, with many services hosted in the cloud. But blockchain is a whole new paradigm for transaction processing between publishers and their customers.

This speech reviews salient features of blockchain and NFTs that make them different than normal enterprise databases. Then we develop a practical architecture for deploying blockchain/Ethereum/NFT applications across commercial, enterprise & government environments.

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About William Entriken

I love product management and computer science. Following are technology products I helped bring to market. Also, I have experience in business planning and acquisitions, and am active in researching several computer science topics. My website is

Ethereum blockchain development, lead author of ERC-721
Created and published apps to the Apple AppStore
Lead development efforts for consumer-facing, enterprise-backend and research computer software
Full-cycle company acquisition/integration, involved in planning & valuation for $60M in deals
Active Department of Defense security clearance
Extensive experience in computer security red/blue teams, published, collaborated with Apple, FBI, SEC, FINRA

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