Philly ETE 2022 — Panel: Typed vs. Untyped — Richard Feldman, Martin Snyder, Anatoly Polinsky, Yehonathan Sharvit

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Typed languages versus untyped languages: we duke it out in this panel. Apologies for the missed recording, but we hope you enjoy what remains as it was a lively conversation!

About Richard Feldman

Richard is the creator of the Roc programming language, the host of the Software Unscripted podcast, and the author of Elm in Action from Manning Publications. He teaches online courses on Frontend Masters: Introduction to Rust, Introduction to Elm, and Advanced Elm. Outside of programming, he’s a fan of strategy games, heavy metal, powerlifting, and puns!

About Anatoly Polinsky

Anatoly loves people, music and coding. He went from “ZX Spectrum The Great” to IBM z/Series and then back to human oriented hardware. He works at Comcast on building The Internet where he has an opportunity to work with great humans, hack on Clojure, Java, Go, Rust, DevOps and this thing people call Deep Learning. In his free time he drinks scotch, smokes hookah, jams some guitar chords with others, and then some.

About Martin Snyder

Martin is a technology executive with extensive experience in the software industry that includes building and driving high-performance product development organizations. He is currently Vice President of Engineering at Pinnacle 21, which enables Life Sciences organizations to measure and improve the quality of their submission data. Prior to that, he spent much of his career as CTO of Wingspan Technology, a software firm focused on document management solutions, where he was hired to build the software engineering practice and led the technical team for 15 years before the company’s sale to IQVIA in 2017.

About Yehonathan Sharvit

I have been a Software engineer since 2000. For me, there is clearly a “Before” and an “After” 2012. Why 2012? Because 2012 is the year I discovered Clojure. Before Clojure, programming was my job. Since Clojure, programming has been my passion and my mission is to share this passion with other developers. Currently I work as a software architect at Cycognito, building software infrastructures for high scale data pipelines. I share insights about programming at

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