Philly ETE 2022 — Return To Hypermedia: Solving Javascript Fatigue Using Fundamental Web Architecture — Carson Gross

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In the last decade, the Single Page Application (SPA) architecture and the JSON API has begun to supplant the original Multi-Page Application architecture of web. This has allowed much more sophisticated web applications to be built and the approach has been formalized by libraries such as React and Vue. In the last few years, however, we have seen the rise of an associated phenomena: Javascript Fatigue in which developers and development teams admit to being overwhelmed by the complexity of the SPA architecture.

HTMX Discord & Github
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Essay: Hypermedia APIs vs. Data APIs
Essay: Hypermedia-Driven Applications
Essay: HATEOAS is For Humans

About Carson Gross

Carson Gross runs Big Sky Software, which finds hot, new trends and then does the opposite of that. Big Sky Software has produced htmx, hyperscript, intercooler.js and many other open source tools. He also teaches Computer Science part time at Montana State University. His main interests are hypermedia, programming languages and general development philosophy.

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