Philly ETE 2022 — The 3 W’s of GraphQL: What, When, and Why — Janessa Garrow & Michael Watson

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You’ve probably heard of GraphQL, but with so many opinions out there on the internet, it can be hard to figure out if it’s worth your time or something you should be using. In this talk, we’ll be discussing what GraphQL is, when are appropriate use cases for it, and why it’s a great tool to use as your application needs grow and scale.

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About Janessa Garrow

Janessa Garrow is a Developer Experience Engineer at Apollo GraphQL. She builds and maintains the sites that house Apollo’s educational content, including the blog, docs, and Odyssey (Apollo’s learning platform). A linguist and Italian teacher turned software developer, Janessa has a deep love of learning. As a DX engineer, she loves being able to use her technical skills to provide resources for other developers to be able to learn and increase their capacity to do more. The world is better when we all lift each other higher.

About Michael Watson

Michael Watson is the Director of Developer Relations at Apollo, where he works with Apollo’s developer community and engineering team to help make a delightful experience with GraphQL tools. Michael is one of the thought leaders in Apollo Federation and is obsessed with the tools that are possible because of the spec. Before Apollo, Michael worked on dotnet development across the cloud and mobile (Xamarin). In Michael’s free time, he hacks IoT projects together to feed into his home common graph that of course is a Federated graph.

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