Philly ETE 2022 — Trust Me, You Don’t Need That Component Library — Drew DeCarme

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No one’s going to deny how easy it is to download something off of the npm registry and start to use it right away. However there are issues, as there always are, when you start incorporating scale and complexity into your app. Subscribing to a large, feature-and-dependency-heavy library locks you into conventions that – let’s be honest – probably don’t fit your product’s vision; thus starting the “time of great concession”.

I’m going to show you that you don’t need that new hotness of a UI library and you can take back your application’s size, freedom, and independence without sacrificing its quality; just by embracing a few HTML & CSS fundamentals.

Github for BYO React UI Library

About Drew DeCarme

Drew found his love for interface engineering very early on in his career and hasn’t looked back since. After almost 10 years in specializing in the front-end space and working for all sizes and shapes of companies, Drew has finally found a home here with us at Chariot as a front-end consultant.

He loves everything there is about engineering and is always trying new things, but his passion and specialty lies in front-end architecture, scalable design pattens, and pretty much everything CSS. As a recent convert to TypeScript, Drew spends his time now working to apply the principals of type safety to the buildings blocks of design systems, and playing with his daughter’s toys.

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