Philly ETE 2023 — Leading With The Platform: A Platform Engineering Approach To Tech Debt — Jess Mink



Platform teams, SREs, tool teams, DevOps…we are the stage crew of a software company: we’re only noticed when we mess up.

This talk is about how platform teams have the potential to be proactive and lead projects across engineering so that things can be addressed they break, thereby reducing tech debt before it’s accrued, and they can be noticed for something positive for a change.

We’ll be talking about company objectives, data, thinking like a product manager, and how it benefits the company as a whole if other teams can get into the act and to pick up some of the platform team’s work.

About Jess Mink

Jess is passionate about building strong, productive technical organizations that are focused on outcomes. Developer tools and health tech companies speak to her and despite seeking engineering roles she has a habit of taking on product roles when needed. She’s worked at companies such as Auth0, FOLX and Amazon. When not at work you can generally find Jess in the woods or hanging out with her dogs.

About the Conference

The Philly Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise (ETE) is the Mid-Atlantic’s premier developer’s conference. Entering its 17th year, we’ve brought world-class speakers — including some local favorites — to speak about leading-edge technologies being used today, and emerging technologies that will be important for attendees to know about in the near future.

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