Daniel Ringenbach

Philly ETE 2023 — Lightning Talk: Technologies That Last — Dan Boykis

About Dan Boykis Dan Boykis is a software consultant at Chariot Solutions. About the Conference The Philly Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise (ETE) is the Mid-Atlantic’s premier developer’s conference. Entering its 17th year, we’ve brought world-class speakers — including some local favorites — to speak about leading-edge technologies being used today, and emerging technologies that … Read More

Philly ETE 2023 — Navigating A World Where AI-Generated Misinformation Can Be Created At Scale — Alex Cui

Abstract Any developer who is trying to build a platform for authentic human content is under threat from the capabilities enabled by ChatGPT, and other text generation services. Whether it’s education, applications, hiring, reviews, publishing, email, or social media, we are now dealing with actors who can distribute convincing, unique, and factually-unchecked content at scale. … Read More

Philly ETE 2023 — Tips For Detecting The Use Of AI-Generated Text — Dr. Jake Ryland Williams

Abstract Few researchers have access to the resources needed to train the state-of-the-art language models (LMs) used in cutting-edge technologies. Processing “big data” over computational frameworks and expensive GPUs, there are substantial environmental implications: in 2019, one team of researchers estimated that 626,000 pounds of carbon dioxide were produced from the costs associated to producing … Read More

Philly ETE 2023 — Calling Functions Across Languages — Richard Feldman

Abstract Suppose you want a new feature which requires a lower-level language to get the performance it needs. Or maybe your code is already low-level, but a new feature could be built much faster in a higher-level language without a noticeable performance hit. Or maybe you want to migrate incrementally from one language to another. … Read More

Philly ETE 2023 — Shaping Up Your Development Process With Shape Up — Martin Snyder

Abstract 37signals pioneered “Shape Up” a macro-level methodology focused on product/engineering collaboration, which was developed by their former Head of Strategy, Ryan Singer. Shape Up helped 37signals manage periods of extensive growth and a rewrite of their flagship product from scratch for its 2.0 release. In the Foreword to Singer’s book, “Shape Up: Stop Running … Read More