Philly ETE 2023 — Lightning Talk: A Simple Talent Development Program for Software Departments — Sue Gerace



Does your current employer prefer to hire experienced engineers rather than entry level because of the cost of training? Do the entry level engineers at your workplace thirst for more technical knowledge, and do the senior engineers express a desire to share what they have learned throughout their careers?

At Certara, our engineers inspired us to design a simple but effective early career engineering development program. This program not only benefits the entry level folks, but it also enriches the senior employees by utilizing a concept known as the Protégé effect.

This program is centered around food, tech talks, open discussions, mob programming and… fun. This talk will explore what we implemented, what worked, what didn’t work, and new additions suggested by our entry level folks.

About Sue Gerace

Sue Gerace is a Software Engineering Manager at Certara, where she develops and diversifies the careers of engineers and testers. Before joining Certara in 2021, she worked at JP Morgan Chase and CHOP. While at CHOP, she built applications and systems for translational research. She also collaborated on building the Birth Defects Biorepository by providing scalable and reusable technical solutions around data collection. Her personal projects are centered around building simple web applications to make life a little easier for friends and family.

Prior to her life as a software engineer, Sue was a professional opera singer who performed with local opera companies such as Delaware Valley Opera company and Opera Philadelphia Chorus. She expects to complete MS in Computer Science from Drexel University this spring.

About the Conference

The Philly Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise (ETE) is the Mid-Atlantic’s premier developer’s conference. Entering its 17th year, we’ve brought world-class speakers — including some local favorites — to speak about leading-edge technologies being used today, and emerging technologies that will be important for attendees to know about in the near future.

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