Philly ETE 2023 — Lightning Talk: Getting Creative with HPA Scaling in Kubernetes — Drew Rogers



Scaling workloads have gotten faster and faster throughout the years, but what about the metrics that drive scaling? From virtual machines to pods in Kubernetes, the rules for scaling haven’t changed all that much. Your app’s CPU/Memory increases, scale up.

What if we had a way to fetch any metrics we want from internal or external sources? What if instead of waiting for increased utilization to scale our app, we can predict it? Using custom and external metrics, we can get creative with the rules that drive horizontal pods scaling in Kubernetes.

About Drew Rogers

Drew is a DevOps Engineer, SRE Consultant, and sysadmin at Chariot Solutions.

About the Conference

The Philly Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise (ETE) is the Mid-Atlantic’s premier developer’s conference. Entering its 17th year, we’ve brought world-class speakers — including some local favorites — to speak about leading-edge technologies being used today, and emerging technologies that will be important for attendees to know about in the near future. 

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