Philly ETE 2023 — Your Distributed System is Talking to You: OpenTelemetry — Jessica Kerr



Jessica will describe what distinguishes modern event-based observability from earlier standards of logging and monitoring; how it is implemented using OpenTelemetry; and what miracles we can perform when we have it.

For monitoring, debugging, and performance-tuning software systems, the modern standard is event-based observability with distributed tracing. This is now an industry standard: OpenTelemetry is the 2nd biggest project in the Cloud Native Compute Foundation (after Kubernetes).

Great observability lets you employ complexity to deliver value, while still understanding what’s happening in the system, at need.

About Jessica Kerr

Jessica Kerr is a symmathecist, in the medium of code. She believes in learning systems made of learning parts: enthusiastic people and evolving software. She is a Principal Developer Advocate at, where she teaches developers to make their software teach them what’s going on inside. In twenty years of professional software development, she has programmed in and spoken at conferences about Java, Scala, Clojure, TypeScript, Ruby, and Elm. She lives in St. Louis, MO with two children who invent worlds and draw characters with superpowers, and two cats who meow and knock over water glasses.

About the Conference

The Philly Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise (ETE) is the Mid-Atlantic’s premier developer’s conference. Entering its 17th year, we’ve brought world-class speakers — including some local favorites — to speak about leading-edge technologies being used today, and emerging technologies that will be important for attendees to know about in the near future.

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