Data Science 2012

Science of Big Data 2012 – Stuart Sierra – Breaking Down Big Data with Datomic

Every database technology is a product of its time, optimized for a particular hardware profile. Today, “Big Data” is often synonymous with the Map/Reduce architecture and Hadoop but, as technology continues to evolve, cost/performance tradeoffs are changing. This talk will highlight some recent trends in data storage technology and distributed systems, with a focus on … Read More

Science of Big Data 2012 – Tom Santero – Adventures with Eventual Consistency

Tom Santero is a Technical Evangelist for Basho, the creators of Riak, a NoSQL database engine. His talk focuses on the concerns involved in keeping a large dataset up to date, mixing concurrency with consistency concerns. He reviews a number of techniques used by various types of software, including the Riak database.

Science of Big Data 2012 – Andrew Oswald / Josh Angotti – Hadoop at Comcast – a Case Study

Chariot Solutions has been working with Comcast to enable better understanding of selections their cable subscribers make in their onscreen menus. Andrew Oswald, a Hadoop and data analysis expert at Chariot, led a team of developers in implementing a data analysis engine using the Apache Hadoop Map/Reduce engine. Andrew discusses how the solution helped their … Read More

Science of Big Data 2012 – Mark J. Headd – Big Data in the Big City

Mark Headd is the Chief Data Officer of the City of Philadelphia. The first official head of data in the city, he’s been working with other cities and with the city’s data science community to enable their work analyzing and visualizing data. He shows open data being enabled by various governments and agencies, visualization tools … Read More