Data Science 2012

Science of Big Data 2012 – Stuart Sierra – Breaking Down Big Data with Datomic


Every database technology is a product of its time, optimized for a particular hardware profile. Today, “Big Data” is often synonymous with the Map/Reduce architecture and Hadoop but, as technology continues to evolve, cost/performance tradeoffs are changing. This talk will highlight some recent trends in data storage technology and distributed systems, with a focus on … Read More

Science of Big Data 2012 – Andrew Oswald / Josh Angotti – Hadoop at Comcast – a Case Study


Chariot Solutions has been working with Comcast to enable better understanding of selections their cable subscribers make in their onscreen menus. Andrew Oswald, a Hadoop and data analysis expert at Chariot, led a team of developers in implementing a data analysis engine using the Apache Hadoop Map/Reduce engine. Andrew discusses how the solution helped their … Read More