ETE 2012

ETE 2012 – Brian Leroux – Just Beyond HTML5: Device APIs with PhoneGap

From the abstract: PhoneGap hacker Brian LeRoux will talk about new breed of cross platform capabilities from the W3C called Device APIs, their relationship to HTML5, web standards, WebKit and mobile development with the most popular platforms. If you are interested in mobile web dev for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone you’ll really enjoy … Read More

ETE 2012 – Corey Latislaw – The Fragment Transition: Avoiding Obsoletion and Writing Better Android Apps

Corey Latislaw joined Chariot Solutions this year, and with her brought her Android expertise. She helps head up the Android Alliance in Philadelphia. This is also her first ETE presentation. From the abstract: [blockquote]Android is evolving. Gingerbread and Froyo won’t last forever. Bit rot sets in the moment you commit, but your code base can … Read More

ETE 2012 – Dani Diaz – Developers, Meet Windows Phone

From the abstract: We will look at the innovative Windows Phone platform and explain the philosophy behind its user experience design Metro. In this session we will show you how to take advantage of the Windows Phone platform and design principles that allow developers of all skill levels to create engaging and intuitive apps. We … Read More

ETE 2012 – Rick Nucci – Rein in the Cloud Chaos/Best Practices – Why Your Cloud Strategy Must Start with an Integration Strategy

From the abstract: CIOs today have the opportunity to become cloud champions in their organizations, building innovative new IT models that drive new business opportunities. Whether your business is purchasing a single cloud application or driving a company-wide cloud strategy, it is essential to centralize, secure and manage the flow of information in and out … Read More

ETE 2012 – Stacia Viscardi – Culture eats agile practices for breakfast

From the abstract: “Culture Eats Agile Practices for Breakfast” (quote adapted from Peter Drucker) Without the right mindset, Agile practices will stagnate, even hurt your agile transformation initiatives. Learn how to prepare for and implement sticking change in this one-hour lecture/workshop. Stacia will guide you through numerous tips and tricks resulting from real-life examples from … Read More

ETE 2012 – Nathan Marz on Storm

From the abstract: Storm makes it easy to write and scale complex realtime computations on a cluster of computers, doing for realtime processing what Hadoop did for batch processing. Storm guarantees that every message will be processed. And it’s fast – you can process millions of messages per second with a small cluster. Best of … Read More

ETE 2012 – Coda Hale – The Programming Ape

From the session abstract: “Humans, you may have noticed, are not exactly rational. And yet here we are, trying to get them to build software. It’s a bit of a mess. But there is some good news: by drawing on modern theories of human cognition we can begin to optimize our tools for how people … Read More