ETE 2012 – Corey Latislaw – The Fragment Transition: Avoiding Obsoletion and Writing Better Android Apps

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Corey Latislaw joined Chariot Solutions this year, and with her brought her Android expertise. She helps head up the Android Alliance in Philadelphia. This is also her first ETE presentation. From the abstract:

[blockquote]Android is evolving. Gingerbread and Froyo won’t last forever.
Bit rot sets in the moment you commit, but your code base can evolve by leveraging new APIs and best practices. Don’t wait until you’re left behind. Start using Fragments now so you won’t be relegated to the oldest OS versions on the market!

Corey will show you several techniques for starting a fresh project, renovating an existing Android code base, balancing use of new APIs, while remaining backward compatible, and optimizing for Android tablets. She has been using Fragments as long as they have been around in the XfinityTV app as well as her personal projects. She’d never start a new project with out them![/blockquote]