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Scale Your Data Pipeline Efficiently

It can be a struggle to extract business value from your data. Disparate data sources and data quality are just a few of the complex issues you face.

Ensure that the entire pipeline of your data collection yields accurate, consistent results. When you partner with Chariot’s experienced data engineers, you develop highly optimized data pipelines that yield valuable business insights. From collection to analytics to preparation, your pipeline’s plumbing should withstand the digital flood.

AWS Practice Lead Keith Gregory interviews Andrew Ganim about how he helped a multinational company better analyze their data by building a more robust data pipeline.

Chariot Has Expertise In:

Data Lakes

Structuring data and designing queries to a single place, for use by multiple consumers.

Streaming Data

Near-real-time data populates analytics databases and drives customer interactions.

Big Data Databases

Data and queries are designed to yield efficient, cost-effective business intelligence.

Analytics Pipelines

Chariot combines multiple tools and services to acquire, cleanse, transform, and present business data.

Success Stories

The answer is in the architecture. Chariot’s team of experienced data engineers help simplify the process and guide you through the many choices in building the best data pipelines to serve your business needs. We partner with you to build secure, reliable, and highly scalable data pipelines rooted in data integrity.

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Articles, Tutorials, and Writing

Continuous learning is one of our core values here at Chariot, and we believe it’s important to share what we learn. Our data engineers are always writing tutorials, delivering talks, and reviewing the latest new tech. Browse a few pieces of our latest data-focused content here.


Friends Don’t Let Friends Use JSON (in their data lakes)

I’ve never been a JSON hater, but I’ve recently run into enough pain with JSON as a data serialization format that my feelings are edging toward dislike. However, JSON is a fact of life in most data pipelines, especially those that receive event-stream data from a third-party supplier. This post reflects on some of the problems that I’ve seen, and solutions that I’ve used

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