ETE 2012 – Jim Weirich – Connascence Examined

From the abstract: Connascence (noun) is defined as (1) the common birth of two or more at the same tome; production of two or more together, (2) That which is born or produced with another, or (3) the act of growing together. In software, connascence is a rough measurement of the amount of coupling amount … Read More

ETE 2012 – Joshua Suereth – Effective Scala

From the abstract: A talk on general best practices in Scala, taken from real world experience and examples in the book Scala In Depth. This covers everything from what is an implicit to programming with expressions. If you’re not comfortable with the Scala, this talk will show you how to make use of this elegant … Read More

ETE 2012 – Trevor Burnham – The CoffeeScript Edge

From the abstract: CoffeeScript, a streamlined language that compiles into JavaScript, has gained devotees at companies ranging from 37signals to Fog Creek to AOL. Not bad for a 2-year-old open-source project. In this talk, we’ll take a look at some of the areas where CoffeeScript really shines, allowing devs to write cleaner, more maintainable code … Read More

ETE 2012 – Manoj Vadakkan – It’s the Culture Stupid! Why Scrum is More Than a Few Roles, Artifacts, and Ceremonies

From the abstract: Scrum attracts many organizations because of its apparent simplicity and its potential to deliver results faster. Many do not realize the cultural changes that they need to make in order to become a hyper-productive team. This session will discuss why cultural aspects are important and how cultural changes make the mechanics of … Read More

ETE 2012 – Sean O’Meara – The Rise of Configuration Management

From the abstract: Computer networks and the applications that run on them are growing in size and complexity at an ever faster rate. Managing their configuration by hand became intractable long ago. Various schemes have been devised by systems administrators from all over the world to ease this burden. These usually manifest themselves as a … Read More

ETE 2012 – Corey Latislaw – The Fragment Transition: Avoiding Obsoletion and Writing Better Android Apps

Corey Latislaw joined Chariot Solutions this year, and with her brought her Android expertise. She helps head up the Android Alliance in Philadelphia. This is also her first ETE presentation. From the abstract: [blockquote]Android is evolving. Gingerbread and Froyo won’t last forever. Bit rot sets in the moment you commit, but your code base can … Read More

ETE 2012 Keynote – Chad Fowler – Self Engineering

How do you apply engineering discipline to the thing that matters most: yourself? We’re software engineers or systems engineers or network engineers. We have learned lessons the hard way. These lessons boil down to immutable laws; some things work and some things don’t. Successful engineers apply these hard-won lessons to their professions. We use the … Read More