Getting Chatty with Angular, Socket.IO, Node/Express and Bootstrap

Now that we’re well into the client/server age of the web with client-side frameworks such as AngularJS and Ember, it’s time to start revisiting those typical sample projects and reviewing how they’ll change with a more intelligent client. In this tutorial we’ll wire up an AngularJS single-page web application to communicate with Web Sockets using Socket.IO and host the application using NodeJS for an all-Javascript stack.

Chariot Developer News Episode #52 – SIM Card Hacking, JS tools, Unix tools for BigData

Show Links Sim Card Hack exposes potentially – millions of phones, potentially. Here’s hoping our phones use Triple-DES encryption. Foundation -vs- Twitter Bootstrap – a good overview of both and their strengths. Great comments as well. Unix commands for data science That’s what i sed, unix util(s) for fun and profit, head to your couch, … Read More