TechCast #99 – James Roper on Scala

On today’s TechCast, Sujan Kapadia talks to yet another Scala person: James Roper (@jroper). Previously a core team member of the Play framework, James is now the tech lead of Lagom, a new Java-oriented micro-services framework introduced by Lightbend. He discusses it in depth in his ETE talk, Rethinking REST in a Microservices World, as well as in this conversation with Sujan.

Order Out Of Chaos – Maintaining ordered processing of messages in AKKA actors

The reactive paradigm is a wonderful thing. The basic idea is that a reactive application, as much as possible, is asynchronous from beginning to end. It should be event driven, fault tolerant, scalable and responsive. Writing an asynchronous application, however, has it’s own set of unique challenges. In this post I’ll demonstrate an approach we took to solve the challenge of maintaining a definite order, specifically when performing database updates in asynchronous code within an actor.