TechCast #99 – James Roper on Scala

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On today’s TechCast, Sujan Kapadia talks to yet another Scala person: James Roper (@jroper). Previously a core team member of the Play framework, James is now the tech lead of Lagom, a new Java-oriented micro-services framework introduced by Lightbend.

He discusses it in depth in his ETE talk, Rethinking REST in a Microservices World, as well as in this conversation with Sujan.

You can learn more about Philly ETE, the developer-friendly, Chariot-sponsored conference here.

We Talk to James About:

  • The underlying theme at ETE of simplifying Scala, and how James thinks the community can help newcomers make a smoother transition to the language – with lessons he’s learned shipping the Play framework.
  • Play’s popularity in the general Java ecosystem (according to James, 50% of Play users are Java developers), and where James sees it going with Lagom. He believes the asynchronicity of Java 8 and a trend of using more reactive development patterns makes Play a better option than Spring for Java 8 developers.
  • How involved the rewrite of Play to Akka streams was, and whether or not Akka HTTP is still on the roadmap.
  • How Lagom fits into the ecosystem of Play. Designed to restrict you in what you do to push you in the direction of doing things right, it encourages using event sourcing and CQRS, as well as asynchronous communication between services.

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