Philly ETE 2016 – Heather Miller – Academese to English: A Practical Tour of Scala’s Type System

Scala is famous in part for having one of the richest type systems of all mainstream programming languages today. Despite its reputation, Scala’s type system remains one of the most under-documented and jargon-heavy aspects of Scala. This talk will turn the academese into English, providing an example-rich tour of Scala’s type system, covering all the things that make people call it “powerful”. This talk isn’t about showcasing a bunch of challenging little logical puzzles with types; on the contrary, this talk is about showing practical uses of Scala’s type system, making it work for you and your users.

Philly ETE 2016 – Sean Cribbs – Reliable High-Performance HTTP Infrastructure with nginx and Lua

We recently replaced a proprietary API management solution with an in-house implementation built with nginx and Lua that is more robust, higher performance, and has greater visibility. Learn about our development process and the overall architecture that allowed us to write high-level code while enjoying native code performance, and how we leveraged other open source tools like Vagrant, Ansible, and OpenStack to build an automation-rich delivery pipeline. We will also take an in-depth look at our capacity management approach that differs from the rate limiting concept prevalent in the API community.

Philly ETE 2016 – Johanna Rothman – Agile Hiring: It’s A Team Sport

You can apply agile approaches to your hiring, iterating on everything. You can get feedback as you go, and involve the entire team, including the sourcing. You can teach your recruiters to use a kanban board to track candidates and where they are in the pipeline. You can iterate on the job description (and job ad) based on what you see in candidates. When you involve the entire team, you can create questions and auditions that work for you. You can identify candidates who fit your culture and those who don’t. This session is a timeboxed interactive workshop. Be prepared to experiment and learn. Let’s make your hiring more agile.

Philly ETE 2016 – Mike Hartington – Ionic 2: Your First @App

Ionic has revolutionized the way web developers make the transition mobile development, but there’s always room to improve and make the lives of new app developers easier. With Ionic 2, we’ve improved upon much of what made Ionic 1 great, while also keeping things simple and reducing the fatigue that developers can feel when learning a new tool. We’ll introduce you to the basic Ionic 2 concepts and build an app live.

Philly ETE 2016 – Jean Yang – Securing Software By Construction

This talk has two parts. First, I will present technical ideas from research, including my own, that help secure software by construction. Even though these are reasonable ideas, however, the gap between academia and industry often prevents these ideas from becoming realized in practice. Second, I will discuss what prevents longer-term security solutions from being commercialized, how we started the Cybersecurity Factory accelerator bridge the research/industry gap, and how we can work together to address the issues that remain.

Philly ETE 2016 – Dmitri Sotnikov – Transforming Enterprise Development with Clojure

Monolithic projects will often have tight coupling between components, resulting in codebases that are large and unwieldy. This directly impacts productivity, and translates into costs for the organization. In this session we will explore the aspects of Clojure that encourage writing code that is loosely coupled and reusable. We will discuss the benefits of the Clojure approach, and we will see how it applies in practice with a live demo.