TechCast #58 – Adobe’s James Ward on Flex 4, AIR 2.5 and more

James Ward has been a guest on numerous podcasts (ETE Evening Podcast – 2010, Episode 34, Episode 18). He is here this week to give us the state of the state in Adobe’s Flash-based RIA technologies, including Flex 4, Flash Catalyst, Air 2.5, and Adobe’s support for HTML 5 and CSS 3.  We discuss mobile … Read More

DevNews #16 – Hush huh, Py Py, Hush Hush Maven-I, HTML 5 (sing it!)

Your bi-(hopefully)weekly dish of developer news, served up fresh and hot.  Well, ok, one day later than originally recorded. An un-expergated version of the links is available at http://delicious.com/developernews/16 Links My Common Git Workflow – http://yehudakatz.com/2010/05/13/common-git-workflows/ PyPy – what a name – Python written in Python.  How very meta of you!  http://alexgaynor.net/2010/may/15/pypy-future-python/ Django 1.2.1 released – now … Read More

DevNews #3 – Rails 3 online seminar, NoSQL, Grails and Flex, Grails Testing, and more!

Chariot Developer News episode #3 – February 1 2010 News Links: You can follow all of our links on Delicious.  Head over to delicious.com/developernews/3 for the details. Disclaimers: The opinions expressed by Ken and Brent do not necessarily form policy decisions at Chariot, for the US State department, or in the Federation of Planets… Ah, … Read More