Training Courses on Tap for Spring 2013

It’s that time again. Flowers are sprouting, pollen is flowing, and, lo and behold, Chariot is running more training… We have some exciting additions to our courses this quarter, including a guest course by Neosoft, our usual Spring training courses, a Groovy and Grails offering, and more. The Lineup March 26-28 – Comprehensive Maven 3 … Read More

ETE 2012 – Jeff Brown – What’s New In Grails 2.0?

From the abstract: In this session, Grails core developer Jeff Brown will deliver an update on the latest and greats features of the Grails framework – a dynamic, web application framework based on the Groovy language and designed for Spring. Jeff will cover all the new features of Grails 2.0 including agent-based reloading, unit testing … Read More

DevNews #44 – Grails, Griffon, Apache Tika, our favorite developer tools and more

Rich Freedman lent some time to talk to Ken Rimple tonight over skype and re-launch the Developer News series, which has been on hiatus since February. Here are some of the topics they discussed: Apache Tika – Apache Tika Griffon 0.9.5 released – 120 plugins?? Wow… Grails 2.0.3 is available Apache Tomcat 7.0.27 released with … Read More

DevNews #40 – Spring 3.1 is here, Grails 2.0, and Heroku for Grails

Show Notes Spring 3.1 goes GA – Grails 2.0 Released – Grails on Heroku goes beta – Peter Ledbrook on vert.x – vert.x 0.2 with limited Groovy support – ember.js (formerly amber.js) – Google Spreadsheet in 10 min with Neo4 – j Groovy Algorithms – Akka Scheduler – Scala Actors in Groovy – Philly ETE … Read More

Painless Java Desktop Application Development with Griffon, MigLayout, and IntelliJ

As Java consultants and developers, a very large percentage our projects are web applications. We have become accustomed to depending on MVC web frameworks, and almost take for granted that at some level, we will be handling HTTPServletRequests, providing HTTPServletResponses, and deploying our applications to either a servlet container or a full J2EE server. Every … Read More

Grails Validation Constraints Quick Ref

This is an excerpt from a blog post by Gordon Dickens, Chariot Architect and Trainer (via Technophile Blog) After several iterations of Grails, we have to go to 17 (seventeen) pages to see all the validation constraints? I wanted to see them on one page. Grails 1.3.5 – Validation Constraints blank – To validate that … Read More

TechCast #57 – SpringOne 2GX Recap

Recap session with Chariot’s Gordon Dickens and Dmitry Sklyut. Chariot is a SpringSource Education and Consulting partner. Topics Keynote Spring Core Spring Data Grails and Reddis Spring Integration Roo 1.1 release Ken Sponsor Note Visit Chariot Solutions’ Education Calendar for details on upcoming training courses in Spring, Maven There is still time to register … Read More

DevNews #25 – Java in Stasis? Applying a chainsaw, revving Hibernate and other saucy topics

Do you know why you’re binding those HQL parameters? Want to make the simplest AppEngine application in Groovy? How about learning about why you’re such a bad programmer (that includes all of us, according to the post). All this and more in today’s Developer News for Thursday October 7, 2010. The Future of Java: forking, … Read More

DevNews #23 – I hereby patent strange podcast episode titles…

(Sorry for the delay between shows lately.  It’s the summer, and I was away on vacation…) Especially THIS week, the opinions of Ken and Eric do not reflect the opinions of Chariot Solutions… Speaking of this week, here are the links, found also on at Links you can use! Release Notes – Grails … Read More