Training Courses on Tap for Spring 2013

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It’s that time again. Flowers are sprouting, pollen is flowing, and, lo and behold, Chariot is running more training…

We have some exciting additions to our courses this quarter, including a guest course by Neosoft, our usual Spring training courses, a Groovy and Grails offering, and more.

The Lineup

  • March 26-28Comprehensive Maven 3 and Nexus training – We are running a 3 day maven intro, intermediate and advanced course starting on March 26. You’ll learn how to build Java application with Maven, including JARs, WARs, and multi-module projects.
  • April 9-12 Core Spring Developer Training/Certification – Recently updated, this course covers Spring 3.1 and above, all three styles of dependency injection (XML, annotations, JavaConfig), JDBC, Hibernate/JPA, an introduction to Spring Web MVC, Security, JMX and more. A deep discussion of the Spring lifecycle and features such as proxying, interface-driven development, JUnit-based testing and Aspect Oriented Programming provides a strong foundation for new Spring developers.
  • April 17-19Neo4j Tutorial by Neo Technology – We are featuring a guest training course by NeoSoft, discussing their NoSQL Graph database, Neo4J. This is a two-day course to get developers up to speed in using Neo4J.
  • April 30-May 3Groovy and Grails v2.0 – new for Chariot training, we’re featuring a four-day Groovy and Grails training course, written by the developers of Grails at VMware. This course begins with a heavy introduction to the Groovy programming language, and then dives into Grails, the convention-driven Spring-and-Hibernate application framework. Configuration, controllers, services, scaffolding, testing, writing plugins, and GSP tags are covered.
  • May 9-10Advanced Scala – This Typesafe course, taught by Michael Pigg, takes our Scala training even further than Fast Track to Scala, and includes a deep dive into functional programming concepts, internal DSLs, custom Scala collections, and details on the Scala type system.

As usual, we offer discounts for Chariot training alumni. Contact us for information on obtaining a discount code – please provide your name, course, and estimated training date. We also provide private training and can offer courses in Hadoop, Java, Tomcat, and other technologies. Check our course catalog for more information.