DevNews #44 – Grails, Griffon, Apache Tika, our favorite developer tools and more

Rich Freedman lent some time to talk to Ken Rimple tonight over skype and re-launch the Developer News series, which has been on hiatus since February. Here are some of the topics they discussed: Apache Tika – Apache Tika Griffon 0.9.5 released – 120 plugins?? Wow… Grails 2.0.3 is available Apache Tomcat 7.0.27 released with … Read More

Painless Java Desktop Application Development with Griffon, MigLayout, and IntelliJ

As Java consultants and developers, a very large percentage our projects are web applications. We have become accustomed to depending on MVC web frameworks, and almost take for granted that at some level, we will be handling HTTPServletRequests, providing HTTPServletResponses, and deploying our applications to either a servlet container or a full J2EE server. Every … Read More

DevNews #21 – We have Rails 3 RC1, Grails and Griffon, and more!

In the DevNews today… CouchApp Evently Guided Hack w/ CouchDB Announcing djangoembed, rich media consuming and providing with Django Andres Almiray’s Weblog : Weblog Daily Dose – Rails 3 Arrives at First RC Station Spring MVC 3 Showcase GORM Gotchas (Part 3) Michael Hartl’s Rails 3 Tutorial Book Sponsor Moment: We are sponsored / supported … Read More

TechCast #41 – Andres Almiray on Groovy Griffon, THE Swing UI Framework

Our guest on this episode is Andres Almiray, key contributor to the Groovy Griffon project at CodeHaus.  Griffon is an MVC framework and application development platform for building Swing-based applications, and can be configured to execute Applets, Java Applications and Web Start projects. Andres talks about the Griffon MVC framework, plugins, Addons, event dispatching, and … Read More